Follow up on the latest improvements andΒ updates.


Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. Flowbuilder for Facebook Page couldn't send the default name variable through Private Message action.
  2. WA API Broadcast failed details didn't show reason. (Note: The fix only applies to upcoming broadcasts; previous broadcast failures will still show empty details).
  3. Contacts couldn't be filtered correctly if user is within a group
Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. In the Task Manager, searching within Archived Deals doesn't show out the correct results.
  2. The save icon is unclickable if connecting a Flowbuilder node to another action without making any other changes to the flowbuilder.
Curious about your contact's message before officially accepting the ticket?
Simply click on the ticket, and you'll find a preview in the center column.
: To reply to the contact, make sure to accept the ticket first. πŸ“©
preview converse messages
Now, when you click on "View Scheduled Broadcast" in the Converse ticket, you'll find a neat segmentation of the scheduled and sent broadcasts for your contact.
This update simplifies the tracking of your communication with the contact. πŸ“¬
view scheduled for WA Personal
Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. Creating a contact in Task Manager deal lacks additional custom field.
Now in your WA Personal channel tickets, you'll notice two handy buttons on the right side. The first one, WA Personal Broadcast, lets you send out or schedule broadcasts directly from the Converse module, making it super convenient.
Curious about upcoming scheduled broadcasts for a contact? Just click on the topmost button labeled "View Scheduled Broadcast." It provides a quick overview of titles, messages, and broadcast dates. πŸš€
WA Personal Broadcast & scheduled broadcast
Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. WA API Template couldn't be deleted.
  2. Task Manager couldn't create contacts to link them to deals within the deal itself.
  3. Email and phone contact field marked as compulsory, but not visibly so when creating a contact in certain modules.
  4. Reminder list order in Contact module changes when clicking the blue person icon.
  5. Double-clicking "Create Contact" in the Company module would display the prompt to edit the contact.
  6. Importing contacts with the contact selected as a unique field results in unsuccessful contact creations.
When you're in the Edit Contact Format, hover your mouse over a contact field to see two icons at the top right:
  • Editable or Non-editable 🚫
The left icon, resembling a list with a pencil, lets you choose whether the field can be edited or not.
If it's set as non-editable, neither admins nor users can change the information once the contact is created.
  • Compulsory or Optional ⚠️
The right asterisk icon sets the field as compulsory or optional.
If it's compulsory, you'll see a red asterisk next to the field name. Users must fill it in to create the contact.
Once you have set it to compulsory, users must fill in the field in order to create the contact
*Remember, only organisation admins can access the Edit Contact Format feature.
Editable n compulsory
Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. In WA API Broadcast, when double-clicking on the Total Recipients number in a scheduled message, no contact information is displayed for Scheduled broadcast.
  2. Flowbuilder action "Private message" incorrectly displayed in the keyword/non-keyword based flowbuilder.
  3. In the Flowbuilder's Facebook channel, selecting create/update contact action and then changing to select option resulted in a blank node/action.
  4. Merging two contacts with a number custom field value causes the number value to become NaN.
  5. Merging two contacts with reminders leaves the reminder for the primary contact only.
Here are the bugs that we crushed in this update πŸ›πŸ›
  1. In Strive Go Converse, users couldn't see the message the contact or user replied to.
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